Brian Carville of Windsor

Brian Carville, tattooist, opened his first shop in Slough in 1975 where he worked for five years before moving back to his home town of Windsor to open a tattoo studio in Windsor Market.

Four years later Brian moved to a tattoo shop in St. Leonards Road for nine years before opening the tattoo studio in Alma Road where he tattooed both ordinary folk and celebrities for another 9 years. He known world-wide as the original Brian Carville of Windsor.

In Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria

In 2002 Brian moved to Gran Canaria where he opened Paradise Tattoo in Playa Amadores, and more recently opened another Paradise Tattoo and Bar in Puerto de Mogan where you'll find him still tattooing today.

Famous clients

Brian on his Harley

Over the years he has tattooed some famous people, including Billy Connolly in 1994, Ulrika Jonsson in 1996 and Right Said Fred in 1997.

He has taken part in tattoo conventions all over the world, but now is content to enjoy the sunshine of Puerto Mogan and practise his body art there. When he's not working he rides his beloved Harley Davidson motor bike, Gran Canaria is the perfect place for that!